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Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Insulin Resistance is a Root Cause of PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the endocrine disorder in women which is commonly characterized by chronic ovulation dysfunction and hyperandrogenism. Several studies indicate that PCOS causes up to 90% of cases of anovulation. This is why the woman is so difficult getting pregnant with pcos.

The clinical studies explain that this case is related with insulin resistance in women with PCOS. Some studies show that insulin resistance is a root cause of PCOS. This condition can reduce insulin sensitivity of cells to absorb glucose in blood and store it as glycogen in tissues. It also can increase the blood sugar level which can lead to obesity or weight gain, the key factor for creating PCOS. Besides it, the increasing of insulin level in blood stream which is resulted by insulin resistance can also leads PCOS.

The ovaries can not release a healthy egg because of the excess of insulin that was produced by pancreas (hyperinsulinemia). The elevated of insulin levels can cause hyperandrogenism. The insulin enhances the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to stimulate androgen hormone then increase the exchange of androgen to estrogen that may disbalance between the hormones. This condition has effect on the formation of ovarian cysts. It also can lead anovulation and recurrent pregnancy loss.

According the link between PCOS and insulin resistance, to manage and reverse PCOS, the effort to restore body’s health from insulin resistance is the right way. Many of studies states that insulin resistance can be caused by unhealthy lifestyles, genetic predisposition or high stress. 

The System to Treatment Insulin Resistance

There is a research that has found the system that is designed to help manage your health condition from PCOS by reversing insulin resistance. This system improve the ability of your body to allow glucose get into cells, reducing the whole insulin content that be a primary factor causes to insulin resistance.

This complete system supports the ability of your body to balance glucose and insulin levels, which help the women to get weight loss which help the women to get weight loss then support occurance of ovulation process in women with PCOS which is a requirement to getting pregnant.

This system includes nutraceutical formula, nutrition plan, exercise plan, addiction awareness plan and weekly support. You can get more information about this system at website of Insulite Labs. Insulite Labotories, dedicated to healing and reversing insulin resistance. It is a proven natural PCOS treatment. Finally reverse PCOS symptoms, one complete system to restore your whole body.

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